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Address: 175 Yongan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing. Liyuan Theatre located in Qianmen Jianguo Hotel.
前门建国饭店 (梨园剧场), 永安路175号.
Subway: Subway line 7 Hufangqiao station exit A.
Venue: Liyuan Theatre in Chinese 北京梨园剧场

Subway map of Liyuan Theatre

Liyuan Theatre Location

#175 Yongan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing.
inside Qianmen Jianguo Hotel.
前门建国饭店 (梨园剧场), 永安路175号.
Subway line 7 Hufangqiao Stop exit A,
1st T-junction south of the subway station.

Phone: +86 1326-926-9091
Phone: +86 1352-288-6608
(WhatsApp and Wechat ID)
Mon to Sunday: 8am - 10pm

Hotel Pick-up & Drop-off

Beijing Liyuan Theatre lies in the heart of Beijing's former Xicheng District located south from Tiananmen Square. Vibrance of the area has it's roots from the old imperial city; famous for being the birthplace of Peking Opera.

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